Live Scan Fingerprinting

Live Scan Fees

  • Livescan Rolling $36.00 per person* Schedule Appointment
  • plus predetermined Agency fees (DOJ/FBI) – most $0 - $93
  • Live Scan Request Forms
  • *Includes travel fee up to 5 miles, additional travel fee added if further
  • FD-258 FBI fingerprint card $35.00 per card rolled
  • FBI Electronic fingerprinting (FBI DOCE) $75.00

Agency Fees

Fees subject to change. All final fees determined by your live scan request form.
ORI CODEApplicant TypeJob TitleFee
A0023LicenseDental Auxiliaries $49.00
A0042License,PermitInsurance $49.00
A0059Ambulance DriverAmbulance Driver $32.00
A0065LicensePhysician and Surgeon $0.00
A0075License,Certification,PermitReal Estate License $49.00
A0083Bank License Per 379 FCBank Officer/Director $49.00
A0084License Cert or PermitNotary Public $49.00
A0133License/Registration/PermitRegistered Veterinary Technician $49.00
A0133License / RegistrationRegistered Veterinary Technician (RVT) $49.00
A0181Liquor LicenseAlcoholic Beverage License $49.00
A0237Resrce Fam Per 16519.5Resrce Fam Per 16519.5 $0.00
A0237Resrce Fam Per 16519.5Resrce Fam Per 16519.5 $0.00
A0281License Cert or PermitTeacher Credential $49.00
A0391License,Certification,PermitRegistered Nurse License (RN) $49.00
A0400AdoptionsAdoptions $64.00
A0432LicensePhysical Therapist $49.00
A0433LicensePhysician Assistant $49.00
A0435License,Certification,PermitPsychologist $49.00
A0441RE Appraiser Lic 11343 BP CJISRE Appraisers lic / AMC Cert $0.00
A0448License,Certification, ApplicantChild Care Center 6+ $74.00
A0522Security GuardSecurity Guard $49.00
A0522Security Guard w/FirearmSecurity Guard w/Firearm $87.00
A0536EMT/Paramedic/Mob Int NurseParamedic $49.00
A0819Credetialed Scool EmpSubstitute Teacher $0.00
A0857Contractor LicenseContractors License $49.00
A0857Contractor LicenseHome Improvement Salesperson $49.00
A1099License, Certification, PermitStructural Pest Control $49.00
A1099License,Certification,PermitStructural Pest Control $49.00
A1226CertificationCertified Nursing Assistant(CNA) $32.00
A1533Professional Process ServerProfessional Process Server $49.00
A1938Emergency Medical Technician(EMT)EMT Certificate $49.00
A2653EmploymentFire District Aide $0.00
A4484EmployeeExecutive Assistant $0.00
A5019Classified EmployeeVolunteer $49.00
A5068Classified School Employeevaries $0.00
A5068Credentialed School Employeevaries $0.00
A5081Substitute TeacherTeacher $32.00
A5081ClassifiedVolunteer $0.00
A7414Elder CareIHSS Provider $32.00
A9203Elder CareIHSS Care Provider $32.00
AA735Elder CareIHSS Provider $32.00
AB165Firearms Record ReviewFirearms Eligibility $25.00
AE709VISA/ImmigrationVISA/Immigration $32.00
AH422Contract EmployeeBehavior Therapist $0.00
AK920EmployeeEmployee $0.00
AL329Resource Family Per 16509.5Foster Parent $64.00
AP044EmployeeBehavior Technician $49.00
AP564Tax PreparerCA Registered Tax Preparer $32.00
AR828VolunteerVolunteer $0.00
CA0070000Standard CCWConcealed Carry Weopon License $93.00
CA0342600Lottery RetailerLottery Retailer $0.00
CA0349400Firearms Eligibility CertCertificate of Eligibility $71.00
CA0349400FP RollerFingerprint Roller $74.00
CA0349435Record ReviewRecord Review $25.00

Primary Acceptable Forms of ID

  • State-issued Driver License
  • Department of Motor Vehicle Identification Card
  • Out of State Driver License

Secondary Forms of ID (4 forms required)

  • State government issued Certificate of Birth
  • U.S. Active Duty/Retiree/Reservist Military Identification Card (000 10-2)
  • U.S. Passport
  • Federal government Personal Identity Verification Card (PIV)
  • Department of Defense Common Access Card
  • U.S. Tribal or Bureau of Indian Affairs Identification Card
  • Social Security Card
  • Court Order for Name Change/Gender Change/Adoption/Divorce
  • Marriage Certificate (Government issued certificate)
  • U.S. Government issued Consular Report of Birth Abroad 3
  • Foreign Passport with appropriate immigration document(s)
  • Certificate of Citizenship (N560)
  • Certificate of Naturalization (N550)
  • INS I-551 Resident Alien Card issued since 1997
  • INS 1-688 Temporary Resident Identification Card
  • INS I-688B, I-766 Employment Authorization Card
  • Utility bill (address)
  • Jurisdictional voter registration card
  • Vehicle registration card/title
  • Paycheck stub with name/address
  • Spouse/parent affidavit
  • Cancelled check or bank statement
  • Mortgage documents

Not Acceptable ID

  • Expired State ID or Driver License
  • Temporary State ID or Driver License
  • State ID or Driver License with a hole punch

What Do I Need to Bring

  • Acceptable ID
  • 3 Completed Livescan forms - the livescan form is given to you by the company or agency requesting livescan servcie. We may not complete your livescan if your form is missing agency and or required information, such as authorized applicant type and type of license certification permit or working title.

Live Scan Request Forms

Live Scan request forms should be obtained from the agency requesting your fingerprints. You can download the appropriate form and contact the requesting agency for the proper information to fill into the form. Many forms can be downloaded directly from the Department of Justice.

Check your application at the DOJ